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The following information is to help you prepare for the admission at our facility and so you know what to bring.  The measures below are to ensure the safety of our patients and personnel.


  • Sundays from 10h00 to 12h00
  • As per arrangement with your Psychiatrists’ rooms. Should you not have reported at Optima on the given times of admission, the availability of reserved accommodation cannot be guaranteed.
  • Report at Reception for admission with the following documents: identity documents of the patient and the main/principal member of the medical aid, as well as the medical aid card so that the necessary copies can be made.
  • Note: ALL Chronic medication must be brought along as the medical aid does not pay if you still have stock on hand. Should Optima Hospital have to order the medication for you; you will be responsible for the payment immediately. Diabetic patients must bring their own test device as well as test strips.
  • Our case managers arrange authorization for hospitalization and constantly contact the medical aids to ensure payment for the maximum benefit. Any inquiries can be directed to them. If there are problems, your Psychiatrist will be contacted for further instruction.
  • Certain plans / options of medical aid request a co-payment as endorsed by the fund.
  • Factors that determine your length of stay:
  • Individual circumstances as well as your progress and cooperation
  • The therapeutic team who will guide your recovery
  • Medical aid benefit available
  • Please make sure that all shopping and other excursions are done before admission.
  • If there is a shortage of beds or any other problems, we will contact you to make further arrangements.
  • We ask that you please give your food preferences to the sister, so they can communicate it with the kitchen e.g. diabetic, vegetarian, etc. All special diets must be prescribed by a Dietitian.
  • Optima accounts include ward fees, medication and ward stock only. You will receive additional separate accounts from the psychiatrists, psychologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and pathologist etc., depending on the services provided to you. In case of medical aid patients, the service providers will use the same authorization number obtained for admittance to Optima for claims. Please make sure that you have available benefits for services other than the admission (e.g. Physiotherapy, EEG and dietitians)
  • When you are discharged be sure to leave the hospital before 12h00.
  • NO day pass, weekend leave or visitors allowed.
  • NO visiting through the fence or exchanging of packages. All packages must be delivered to the security guard at the main entrance and delivered to reception to be handed to the patients.

What to bring for your stay at Optima 

  • ID of patient as well as the main member and medical aid card
  • ALL Chronic medication as well as *glucose meter and test strips (*if Diabetic)
  • Casual wear – no sleepwear during the day
  • Sleep wear and gown
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Money for vending machines
  • Reading material, pen and notepad
  • +/- R140.00 for your workbook
  • Keep in mind that we do not have an ATM at the hospital
  • Loose change, if you would like to make use of the tuck shop, vending machines or airtime
  • Hair dryer
  • Gym clothes
  • Enough airtime for your phone
  • Hangers for clothing
  • Laundry equipment available for patients from out of town. Washing powder and Sta – Soft if you need to wash your clothing. (For sale at Optima)
  • Wi-fi available

Among many facilities available to you we offer you: 

  • Internet access
  • Exercise equipment
  • Lounges equipped with DSTV
  • Vending machines
  • Laundry room
  • Safe parking and security
  • Garden and labyrinth

What to NOT to bring for your stay at Optima:

  • NO VALUABLE ITEMSfor security reasons, we advise you not to bring anything of value – e.g. jewellery, electronic equipment (Ipad’s, tablets &  laptops etc.) or large sums of money (small safe in cupboard available. Safe key available @ R100.00 deposit)
  • No kettles, irons, extension cords, hot water bottles or electric blankets are allowed
  • NO ALCOHOL OR ILLICIT DRUGSdue to the nature of the facility and the programs we run, please do not enter Optima premises while in possession of any of these.
  • M-Care Optima reserves the right to search your or your visitors’ possessions
  • WEAPONSas per the Firearms Act, no firearms or ammunition will be allowed on the premises.
  • PARKINGthere is parking available for patients but although Optima provide 24-hour security, all vehicles are parked at your own risk.
  • RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED: Management may deny access to anyone disruptive
    of a patient’s treatment or of the facility.

Visiting hours: 17h30 to 19h00

To ensure the safety of our patients and personnel, NO visitors will be allowed in the hospital.  Parcels / packages can be given to the security at the main entrance where the hospital personnel will distribute it to the patients. Please make sure that the patients’ Initials and Surname are clearly marked on the package.


Each nursing station has a number of nursing staff to assist with daily functions and ward requirements regarding patient care.  Optima nursing staff are all qualified staff and have adequate training to see to your interests.  Please do not feel offended when you ask the nursing personnel for help and they escalate the request to the sister.  Nurses do not have the same authority as the sisters.  It does not mean that they cannot assist you.  At Optima we provide more personnel than legally required.


This person is the head of the ward. He/she will assist you with almost any medical request and will be able to coordinate your care to assist with your healing process in M-Care Optima. A sister is also the only person allowed to dispense your medication.


We allow nursing students to obtain practical experience at our hospital. They are not involved in your therapeutic care, and do not have access to your confidential documents.


Their tasks vary and change. They might be asked to help and monitor a patient 24/7, or assist with patient bed preparation or performing small tasks.


Fast access to the physician is not always possible. For minor problems we have appointed a sister who will do telephonic follow-ups and assist you in this regard. We walk the extra mile, by phoning our patients after discharge, following up to see how our patients are coping and how they are reacting to the medication.

Our community health sister gives feedback to the doctors and nursing managers. Optima personnel have your best interest and recovery at heart. Remember – we really care… In the case of any uncertainty you can phone the community health sister on
051 502 1834


Please note: visiting hours are between 17H00 – 18H00 in the teenage unit. ( Parents and siblings only)

17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00


Please acknowledge that our patient’s privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance. It remains a hospital and we request that you and your visitors treat other patients and the facility with dignity, honour and respect.
Visiting hours are from 17h30 to 20h00 in the main hospital, and between 17h00 to 18h00 in the teenage unit. No visitors are allowed to sleep over. Visitors may not enter patient rooms. No intoxicated visitors will be allowed. The right of admission is reserved.


NO SMOKING is allowed in the hospital as it is against the law and smoke detectors are installed.  Dedicated areas are available for smoking. Smoking is not allowed within five metres from a door or window.  People smoking on the veranda facing the therapy rooms, are requested to use the ashtray provided.  These areas are locked from 17h30.  Ask personnel if there are any uncertainties.  You may not smoke in the Unit-T garden or in the corridor when it is raining.

E-Cigarettes are still considered as smoking.

Cigarette Butts

  • Please place your cigarette butts in the provided ashtrays.
  • Do not throw your cigarette butts in the garden as our plants are all non-smokers.
  • Please put out the cigarette once you are done smoking.
  • Please DO NOT throw cigarette butts over fences or in the garden. Use the provided ASHTRAYS.

Smoking is harmful to your health and the health of others in your surroundings.  The hospital and staff will never condone smoking.  If you want to quit this habit, ask your doctor about medication that can help you in this regard.


Valuable articles are kept at patients own risk.  The hospital will NOT accept any responsibility in case of damage or theft in any way whatsoever.  Note that CCTV is widely spread and working in and around the hospital. GOOD ADVICE:  Rather send your treasured items home.  Please respect others property – in the event that you pick-up an item, please hand it in at the sister station.


Please show the necessary respect to your fellow roommates to make your stay and theirs as pleasant as possible.


Declare your weapon/s at admission.  NO weapon/s of any sort is allowed in this hospital!  This is for your safety and the safety of others. It will be locked in a safe for the period of your stay.


Patients with substance abuse are also treated here; therefore we request that you do not subject yourself or other patients to the use of alcohol or any other substances that are associated with abuse. This hampers the treatment and healing process of not only you as a patient, but also other patients.

Thus, alcohol use is prohibited whilst admitted in Optima whether you are inside or outside of the hospital for as long as you have been admitted.  This will impede therapeutic processes.  The SAPS conducts random drug searches with sniffer dogs to assist the hospital in this regard.


No intoxicated patients will be admitted in the hospital.  Right of admission is reserved!  Your doctor may also decide to discharge you immediately.


Only use when needed.  Natural fresh air is the healthiest.  Air-conditioners are set at room temperature of 22°-23°.  This is a comfortable temperature and will not be changed.  If you are sensitive to the temperature, it can be switched off during your stay.  NO patient has the controls of his air-conditioner.  If you are not in your room please ask to have your air-conditioner switched off.  Please take other patients in your room into consideration.


A disturbed sleeping pattern is commonly associated with illness that needs treatment, thus we encourage a healthier sleep pattern. Therefore, we request the following:

  • Lights off at 22h00
  • Outside doors locked at the same time.
  • No socializing in lounges after 22H00.


If you have any medical complaints during your stay, please ask your Psychiatrist for a prescription or a referral.

Good medication control is important to prevent mistakes.  Familiarize yourself with your treatment by discussing it with your treating physician and when it will be prescribed.  Your illness is your responsibility and you have to take co-responsibility of your treatment.  In the event of being unsure about your illness or medication, please ask the nursing personnel. NO self-medication is allowed.  All private medication must be handed to the sister in charge and will only be given on prescription from a doctor!

Morning medication is dispensed after breakfast. Please bring your water bottle along and drink medication at nurse’s station.  During the evening, medication is dispensed by the registered nurse, between 20h00 and 21h00 when a bell will ring to inform you that your medication is ready.  If you have any other request or uncertainties, please contact the sister in charge.

Must be arranged through your General Practitioner or Psychiatrist Office


The Optima Psychiatric Hospital, a healing centre, situated in the Bloemfontein suburb, Hospitaalpark, accommodating 76 patients and is operated by a company consisting of nine partners, all Psychiatrists.

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