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Optima have a Teenage Unit, known as “Unit-T” where teenagers can be treated.  The unit is a separate facility as
stipulated by law. The teenage unit consists of fourteen beds with two bedrooms consisting of two beds each. The other two rooms
are equipped with five beds each.


  • ID of patient as well as the main member
  • Medical Aid Card
  • Casual wear – no sleepwear during the day
  • Sleep wear
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • Money for the laundry and vending machines
  • Reading material
  • Any medication currently being taken (chronic medication included) in original packaging please.
  • R120.00 for your workbook
  • Keep in mind that we do not have an ATM at the hospital
  • Hair dryer
  • Wi-fi available
  • Gym clothes
  • Small fee for vending machines (R20, R10 and R5)
  • Shaving kit for boys
  • R25 for washing powder and stasoft.
  • Clean clothes. No clear or very short dresses and trousers.
  • Comfortable shoes to play outdoor games.


  • Refrigerator available for perishable food and drink at your own risk
  • Vending machines available for snacks
  • Only one cellphone may be brought with. See that your child has no tablet, iPod, laptop, DVD or X Box games.
  • All home medication and all sharp objects must be submitted with recording.
  • All “piercings” to be taken out and left at home.
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists will work with the parents to make an appointment to give feedback about their treatment.
  • If teenager is smoking parents must give written consent. Patients younger than 16 years, only 3 cigarettes per day, over 16 years, 5 per day.
  • Parents must give written permission for patient to be searched for their own safety.
  • Patient may only leave the hospital with the doctor’s permission and care of the parents.
  • No patient is allowed to go home with another patient or go on any excursions.
  • Visiting hours are only for parents as per arrangement.
  • Intoxicated patients or visitors are not allowed.
  • With discharge patient must be out of the unit by 12h00.
  • Admissions are from 10h00 on Sunday. Principal of medical aid should be available to assist with the admission.
  • If any substances are obtained from a patient or a patient makes himself / herself guilty of misconduct, the patient will be discharged immediately.
  • If any property is damaged, parents will be held responsible for the cost of repair.
  • If you have any queries, please contact us at 051 502 1800


  • No teenager will be admitted in the unit that does not attend school or is pregnant or  already has a baby.
  • Program is ONLY 2 weeks
  • Teenagers have to be already 13 years of age
  • Teenagers admitted in the Main Hospital, may not attend teen groups. Patient must join adult groups.
  • If any teenager is guilty of misconduct or damage to the property, the patient will be discharged immediately.
  • If any patient is caught using any substance or any substance is found with the patient, they will immediately be discharged.
  • Teenage unit patients are admitted Sundays from 10h00 to 12h00 and discharged on a Friday before 12h00.


  • Girls are not allowed in the boys rooms
  • Only one person to occupy a bathroom at any moment. Please keep the bathroom clean at all times
  • Take turns to bath either at night or in the morning to ensure that there is enough hot water for all
  • Romantic relationships or hugging are not allowed here. Respect each person’s interpersonal space
  • Respect each other, personnel and therapists. Respect property. Sitting with feet on benches or couches is prohibited
  • Dispose of mugs and glasses after use
  • All patients to take meals at the dining table. No food will be kept unless the patient is busy with therapists
  • All food or cold drinks kept in the refrigerator must have the owner’s sticker
  • Socks and slippers should be worn in the unit only. Sleepwear should only be worn in the bedrooms
  • Painting or activities should not be done in the bedrooms
  • Know your prescribed medication and take them as prescribed
  • Patients are not allowed to leave the Teenage Unit without written permission of the Registered nurse on duty
  • Personnel must accompany patients to the vending machine at all times
  • Any patient who presents with inappropriate behaviour, destroys property will be discharged with immediate effect
  • Any patients found to be in possession of alcohol or other illegal substances will also be discharged immediately
  • Any homework should be completed after supper. The parents remain responsible to bring homework during visiting times. Each teenager remains accountable for completing the homework
  • Only parents are allowed to visit the child.


Optima have a Teenage Unit, known as “Unit-T” where teenagers can be treated. The unit is a


Our labyrinth is part of a huge investment and development of the open area in front of the hospital.


Psychologists help to ensure the health and well-being of all people: individuals, families, groups, and


Please note: visiting hours are between 17H00 – 18H00 in the teenage unit. (Parents and siblings only)

17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00
17H30 – 20H00


The Optima Psychiatric Hospital, a healing centre, situated in the Bloemfontein suburb, Hospitaalpark, accommodating 76 patients and is operated by a company consisting of nine partners, all Psychiatrists.

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17 Addison St, Bloemfontein, 9301
Phone: 051 502 1800
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