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About Us



To take lead in the provision of high quality nursing care that is affordable and cost-effective to the community and patients of the medical practitioners of Bloemfontein.


“Optimal care to every patient every day”


M-Care Optima recognises and honours the Constitution and the legislation of the Republic of South Africa and strives to deliver service and manage business accordingly.


M-Care Optima is committed and dedicated to fulfil the needs of the psychiatric health care environment by:

  • Creating a therapeutic environment
  • Upholding ethical principals in provision of health care and business management
  • Promoting the multi-professional team approach to patient management
  • Implementing high quality nursing care supported by ongoing education and skills development
  • Upholding the rights of the patient
  • Striving to maintain a balance between affordable health care to patients and health care funders whilst still generating profit for the company


The Optima Psychiatric Hospital, a healing centre, situated in the Bloemfontein suburb, Hospitaalpark, accommodating 76 patients and is operated by a company consisting of nine partners, all Psychiatrists.


Some Psychiatrists have been dreaming for years about a better therapeutic facility in Bloemfontein.  After various unsuccessful attempts a licence was awarded for a new psychiatric unit in 2009.

Drs Jordaan and Meyer started with the development of OPTIMA Hospital and within nine months the old Bloemfontein Inn was demolished and rebuilt to the current OPTIMA Hospital.

The Hospital was taken into use in February 2010, after a long period of blood, sweat and tears.

The hospital was officially opened by patients that were hospitalized at that stage.  That was only one example of our high focus on patient care, instead of financial gain.

We remain proud and stand in awe at the difference OPTIMA makes in the lives of hundreds of patients.  We invite you to change your life with our help.


Great care has been taken in making the decision behind interior decoration, lights, paintings, ornaments and even the layout and plans of the building.  We try to create a flow and calm environment with a feeling of being at home even though it is a hospital.

The circle at reception symbolizes the full circle a patient undergoes to reach health.

  • Representing a concept to illustrate throughout symbols the underlying meanings of objects and qualities.
  • A person will think in terms of objects, symbols and truth. (Lacan)

At Optima you will come across different pieces of symbolism.  The buildings’ outside view is square and regular which symbolizes strength and order.

(Angular shapes are also a symbol of manliness).  In the reception area you will find circles as well as flowing lines at the desks.  This illustrates and represents tenderness, endlessness and, comprehensiveness (circles are symbols of femininity).

In the porch you will walk through a circle of lights in the roof and a dark circle on the floor. It represents the shiny (right) side that we keep above and the dark (wrong) side that we keep away. Here you can come and find your real self between the various parts of yourself.


The park plays with square and round forms – note the half circle that it forms – it wants to make you feel comforted. In the middle of it is a square symbol with a circle in it that looks like the following:

This symbol is named the Inca cross, Andic cross or Chakana.  There is a lot of controversy about the existence of the symbolism hereof.  It stays interesting and there is 12 points that can symbolize the months of the year.  It forms a compass, the four elements (water, air, ground and fire), the 3 dimensions, life work and love, the Southern Cross and lots more.


  • Our labyrinth is part of a huge investment and development of the open area in front of the hospital called Optima Park
  •  A labyrinth is not a maze. In a maze you choose options, get lost and tied up. A labyrinth is a Journey, a therapeutic road with a start. It was used as a type of meditation tool. You choose in advance to walk the road or not

The Optima Psychiatric Hospital, a healing centre, situated in the Bloemfontein suburb, Hospitaalpark, accommodating 76 patients and is operated by a company consisting of nine partners, all Psychiatrists.

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17 Addison St, Bloemfontein, 9301
Phone: 051 502 1800
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