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Wellness in the workplace – Our approach

July 11, 2019 by optima

The first wellness day was implemented at M-Care Optima in 2015. The need for the day was identified by looking at the leave tendency  by personnel. It became evident that more attention had to be given to the general wellness of staff members in order for them to give quality care to the patients of M-Care Optima as well as to function optimally at their place of work. The day was well perceived by staff members and management. The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) committee therefore decided to continue with the project in 2016. It was decided that the day will be held twice a year in order to maintain the awareness and to enable the committee to monitor the changes made by staff members with regards to better their physical and mental health.

Planned dates for  Wellness days: 18 May 2016 and 30 November 2017 will be a “walk for fun” in the Optima park to get them realizing the fun of exercising and building team spirit.

The data obtained with each wellness day will serve as a guide to indicate staff members that may be at risk for the development of more serious conditions.

In order to monthly monitor identified at risk staff member, particular attention will be on blood pressure and blood glucose, seeing that both are seen as silent killers if not detected early and adequately monitored.

Identified at risk staff members will be monitored regularly by members of the OHS committee. If, however, any staff member feels that he or she is in need of above mentioned service, they can freely approach the two identified staff members (service is thus monthly as wall as prn). The measurements obtained will be recorded in the staff member’s wellness profile. Any staff members identified with serious problems will be revered to their General Practitioner or nearest clinic for treatment.

The wellness days will thus serve as a means to monitor the improvement of personnel’s general health. This will be visible in individual improvement of data obtained as well as in the number of at risk individuals identified with each wellness day. All wellness days are compulsory for personnel from all categories.

The events we sponsored by companies / individuals whose services are used by Optima on a regular basis. Sr E Swartz is mainly responsible for organizing this event with assistance from all OHS committee members and available personnel on the day. The kitchen is responsible to supply a healthy snack for everybody attending the event.

Written and compiled by: Sr E Swartz (Head of Occupational Health and Safety committee)


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